Sunset 12″ Cork Lampshade


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This Sunset 12″ cork lampshade is a classic lampshade in natural cork veneer. This is part of Claire Cartwright’s collection of cork lampshades. They look very understated when off, and when illuminated the pattern is unveiled. Created using hand-cut stencils on the inner of the lampshade. The neutral colour works well in any room and when on, the light is very golden as it glows through the cork to create a very cosy ambience.

Designed and made in Bristol.

** Please note we sell this lampshade with a lamp fitting only, to be attached to a lamp base (not pendant) **

We sell the pictured Wick lamp base in small and large.

Materials: 100% natural cork veneer backed onto plastic for rigidity

Size: 4″ top diameter x 12″ bottom diameter x 7″ height

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Dimensions 18 cm

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