Scottish Moss Resin Sphere Silver Necklace

Brand: Botanic Isles
Material: Resin, Silver
Size: Medium, Small

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This incredibly vibrant sterling silver moss necklace contain lush moss from a little “secret” forest near Laura’s home in Angus, Scotland. This little forest has towering pine trees and beds of the thickest, most vibrant moss she has ever seen. A little river runs through it and makes for a magical place to go foraging for botanicals. This moss was hand picked by Laura. With a careful preservation process, the forest moss was preserved within the pendant, ensuring that the moss captured with will never wilt or decay.

When worn, the colours of the moss shine through like glistening emeralds and are the perfect effortless accessory that adds an extra element of interest to any outfit. The arrangement of moss with vary ever so slightly with each piece.

Made from 925 sterling silver and eco friendly resin.

Chain length approximately 45cm. Sphere sizes available are small (11mm) or medium (12.5mm).

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Dimensions 1.1 cm


Resin, Silver



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