Rustic Scalloped Dinner Candle Emerald Green – 70 x 130mm

Brand: Grand Illusions
Colour: Blue


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These new rustic scalloped pillar candles in a beautiful emerald green are from the brand Grand Illusions. The scalloped detail of each candle adds a touch of artful, sophisticated design. . We sell a selection of sizes and colours of these rustic candles for you to mix and match as you please!

As pictured, they look great as a group with a little eucalyptus styled with them. There’s nothing like some candles to create a warm atmosphere at home…

These candles are crafted from high-quality wax, ensuring a slow, clean burn. This also ensures that the rich, emerald green colour runs throughout the entirety of the candle, and not just on the exterior. So, even as they burn down, the green colour remains vibrant and intense.

Burn Time Approximately 51 hours

Additional information

Dimensions 7 × 13 cm




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