Pangolin A4 Art Print

Brand: Sky Siouki


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A stunning pangolin art print by Sky Siouki featuring a beautiful hand-drawn illustration of this endangered animal.

Superior quality giclée print on 310gsm fine art etching rag.

This art print features an intricately illustrated Ground Pangolin among desert grass tufts. Sky’s sensitive use of line and shade perfectly portrays the incredibly complex structure of textured scales that cover the pangolin’s entire body. Sky spends hours meticulously drawing her original illustrations by hand using just pencil on paper before scanning them and printing her final designs digitally.

There are eight different species of pangolin in the world which are all under severe threat of extinction. Known as the most illegally trafficked animal in the world, they are poached for their scales and meat. Timid and wonderfully unusual creatures, pangolins curl themselves up into an armoured ball as a defence mechanism however this very sadly makes it easy for poachers to simply pick them up.

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Dimensions 29.7 × 21 cm


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