Indian Hand-folded Paper Saucer Light Shade – Natural Calico



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Handmade in the breath-taking, culture-rich paradise of Jaipur. This Saucer paper light shade, screen printed in natural calico, will bring the essence of India to your home.

Spice up your lounge, bedroom, hallway, even get creative by hanging multiples, experimenting with varied patterns and colours. The exotic and contemporary design is ideal for combining tradition with modern styling.

Fast and easy attachment with a secure magnetic closure. Simply clip around your existing fitting.

Sourced during travels in India. AARVEN’s paper light shades are skilfully handcrafted in a socially accredited factory run by Mohit and his team.

Please note, this product is made out of a natural fibre and it is highly recommended that an LED bulb is used with these shades. No bulb, ceiling rose, cabling or other electrical components are included.

We recommend using a feather or synthetic fluffy duster rather than a cloth to dust shades so that the folds remain undisturbed.

Avoid contact with water as this will cause damage to the paper and may cause the ink to run. Our paper light shades are not suitable for bathrooms or any room with high moisture levels.

Always use low temperature, energy saving bulbs. Follow the instructions provided for safe installation.

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Dimensions 56 × 22.5 cm


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