Happy Cup – River

Brand: Karen Dawn Curtis


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Here is the ‘River’ Happy Cup by Karen Dawn Curtis. Thrown by hand in clay coloured by oxide, each of these cups is unique in texture and character while following the same pattern of form and size. Each handle is hand-pulled in Karen’s complimentary oxide clay.

Fired to 1200ᵒC, this cup is soft in tone. The interior is reminiscent of pale, dipping willow leaves. The handle, a soothing grey, arcs across the exterior. The exterior feels like a sandy stone surface; contrasted by the smooth feel of the glazed interior similar to a shiny pebble.

Happy Cups have derived their name from the simple fact that the more tea Karen can get in a cup, the happier she is!

Although dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended for any handmade items.

Each of Karen’s items is unique so the object you will receive will have a slight variation, either with colour, size or shape, then the objects in the photograph, but it will carry the same high standard of craftsmanship and aesthetic.

Dimensions: 9.2 cm width x 7.5 cm height

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Dimensions 9.2 × 7.5 cm

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