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A handy little wallet crammed with Growbars, each one bursting with seeds ready to grow into a beautiful and enticing wildlife garden.

Bee Growbar

Help our bee friends feel at home! The fragrant and beautiful blooms of Hyssop, Catananche and Sweet rocket are not just attractive to humans, they’re also guaranteed to bring happy buzzing bees into your garden.

Butterfly Growbar

Tempt clouds of beautiful butterflies to your garden with spectacular displays of crimson and purple blooms. The nectar-rich flowers that adorn Red Valerian, Thyme Serpyllum and Scabious are completely irresistible to our fluttery friends, and will fill your garden with magical summer colours.

Bird Growbar

Cornflowers, Echinops and sunflowers produce vibrant blooms in the summer and an abundant and tasty supply of seeds later in the year. Sunflowers and cornflowers are annuals, but you don’t need to prune off the dead flowers, as they offer a good source of food for hungry birds in the winter.

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