Coconut Husk Soap Rest – XL

Brand: Battle Green


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This XL soap rests from Battle Green is made from 100% coconut husk, making it a plastic free, biodegradable and vegan friendly way to store your soaps and shampoo bars. The fiber allows your wet bars to drain and dry out between uses. At 10 x 15cm in size, they are large enough to fit two soap blocks, a dish soap and brush, as well as your shampoo or conditioner bars side by side.

If you’ve already made the switch to solid soap bars, you’ll be aware of the many benefits: less waste, more compact, and no plastic. Solid bars can last much longer than bottled shower gel or body wash, but treat them well and they’ll last you even longer!

Size: 10cm x 15cm

Material: 100% coconut husk

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