Boucle Bouquet Garni Ceramic Candle

Brand: Donna Wilson
Material: Ceramic


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This ceramic candle from Donna Wilson features her gorgeously colourful Bouquet Garni Cup filled with a beautifully fragranced Rosemary, Lavender and Clary Sage essential oil-scented soy wax candle that has been created by the candle company Bouclé. All Natural ingredients and 100% Pure Essential Oil. Handmade in the UK

Every candle has been hand-poured into a Bouquet Garni stoneware Cup – once your candle has melted away, it can begin a new life as a cup! – and comes packaged in a hand-stamped sustainable recycled card box. And, as an extra treat, the care card is printed on eco-friendly seed paper – just plant in soil to grow your own fragrant flowers.

Each candle is 200ml and has a burn time of approximately 45 hours.

Essential oil-scented soy wax artisan candle, hand-poured in the UK.
100% stoneware cup, painted by hand in Portugal.

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Dimensions 6 × 9 cm




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